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Tired of spending $400 an hour for generic investment advice? How about a customized coaching solution for your particular market. One with a mentor who's willing to invest in your success. Ask me anything and upload your spreadsheets. I'll go through every step of the investment process with you in real-time. Spotting challenges and opportunities ahead of time and making sure you maximize equity and minimize risk in every deal. This includes introductions to my network of wholesale property buyers if need be. If for some reason I'm unable to answer a question, I'll put you in touch with a local pro at my own expense.

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How I turned $39,000 into $50 million in nine years and you can too.

It's strongly recommended that you read through my bestselling investment guide, "The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Off-Market Real Estate." This introductory mini-course alone will put you heads and shoulders above your competition, while demonstrating in detail exactly how I can help take your business to the next level.
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  • Do you charge commissions or fees for deals you help close?

    No, because I'm your mentor and not your agent. I have been known to partner with my promising mentees to open up new markets, but that's a separate business.

  • What exactly am I paying for?

    Everything you need, as well as solutions for problems you haven't even encountered yet. Ask me anything, from fine-tuning your equity estimates to closing negotiations with savvy homeowners to structuring your contracts. Send me general questions or specific issues and we'll work together to fix them before they become costly problems.

  • What if I don't want to communicate through this site?

    We'll work together in whatever format you need, including via Skype's share screen, a Google Drive and over the phone.

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All course graduates receive 25% off coaching forever.