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Who am I and what can I do for you?

I'm not a motivational speaker nor some has-been investor selling the secrets that worked once upon a time.

I'm a South Florida based computer geek turned high-volume, ultra-active real estate investor. By mastering the unsexy grunt work of data mining that everyone finds so boring, I turned $39,000 in savings into a $50 million portfolio in nine years. And I can help you do the same... Or better. Connections, capital, luck or skill having nothing to do with it. Lasting and sustainable success in this business is all about data. With the right software in place to create a "God's eye view" of every possible off-market lead in your territory before anyone else, and a professional system to exploit those leads, you'll be unstoppable in any market.
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Who am I and what can I do for you?

What exactly am I getting with this coaching program?

This is no motivational pep talk nor static lecture about real estate investing. I’m not some “guru” giving some generic tips, but a professional investment advisor who is going to hold your hand through all the nuts and bolts of setting up a well-oiled sales machine. This “course” is a unique, all-inclusive mentorship package that you just can’t find anywhere else.

  • 1 Year of Free leads - Since working the hottest and freshest leads is the first step to success, your enrollment includes a full year subscription to all Tier 1, 2 & 3 leads in any US county.

  • Unlimited Deal and Contract Evaluation - Send us any deal you're considering and we'll double check every variable so you can close with confidence. This includes your CMA, ARV, cash on cash returns, due diligence and any other factor you're worried about.

  • Hands On Outreach Coaching - Whether you're working the phones yourself or hiring a team of assistants, we'll provide you sample scripts that our sales team uses to get started. Then we'll perfect your system by listening to your calls and giving detailed, custom feedback so you can lock down the contract fast.

  • The Ultimate Startup Package - We'll help you through all the minutia of setting up your backend processes and workflow, from technical integration of your communication channels into your CRM to finding local cash buyers when you're ready to sell. Everything you need from A-Z to get up and running fast.


Daniel Arvatz

Real Estate Developer and Auction Buyer

"I've been in real estate since 2001, but when I saw his system I flew my whole team in to meet him... just to learn how he perfected the system."

Eric J. Braunstein

Real Estate Title Attorney

"Over the course of 8 years, I've personally done over 1,000 flips or other closings with Liran and I have not seen an instance of him taking any big hits, at all. Kind of amazing, if you think about it."

Ilan Eliyahu

Owner of Comp R US

"I was blown away by the technology and the simplicity. Before, it took me months to find just one good investment property... now I'm finding leads and closing almost every month."

Yoni Levy

Owner of Digital Land TV

"He was always available for any question and really showed how the big investors work. You can see his passion for teaching and mentoring, which makes this course really different than anything else online."

Juliana Gaita

Foreclosure Defense Attorney

"If Liran doesn't know the answer to something, he knows how to find it. That gives him a real advantage... That's why we can create a win-win situation out of whatever we're presented with."

The Insider's Off-Market Real Estate Crash Course

  • 2
    Step 1: Screening and refining your leads
    • Populating your equity spreadsheet
    • Excel Template Example
    • Priority of Liens and Hidden Debt
    • Refining and filtering your top picks
  • 3
    Step 2: Learning What You Don't Know That You Don't Know
    • Manual Refinements to Top Picks
  • 4
    Step 3: First Contact and Sealing the Deal
    • Initial Contact Scripts and Responses - Foreclosure and Probate Leads
    • Automating your initial outreach letters
  • 5
    Step 4: Pre-Closing Due Diligence and Risk Management
    • Case Study - HOA Foreclosure
    • Case Study - First time in the property
    • Last Minute Auction Due Diligence (details apply to all types of deals)
    • Special Circumstances - Last minute bankruptcy, missing mortgage docs and other odd situations
  • 6
    Step 5: Exit strategies and on the fly troubleshooting
    • How to Find Local, Qualified Cash Buyers for Wholesaling Without Connections
    • HOA Foreclosure Tips
    • Real World Example
  • 7
    Foreclosure Auctions
    • The Keys To Bidding And Winning At Auction
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 1
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 2 - HOA Auctions
    • Real World Auction Examples pt 3
  • 8
    Bonus Resources
    • Free Ebook Copy of The Ultimate Guide To Off-Market Real Estate Investment
    • Free Audiobook Copy of The Ultimate Guide To Off-Market Real Estate Investment

Lucrative Extras

Save thousands in start up costs with these bundled bonuses.

  • 100% Custom-Built Web Scrapers for your Marketplace

    Tell us the county you're operating in and my tech team will build you a customized and unique package of programs to pull all the data you see in this course from your marketplace. I spent hundreds of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars blazing the trail here so you don't have to.

  • 180 Days Free Mentorship Included

    I don't just sell you a service, I invest my irreplaceable time into your success. This means unlimited access to my full commercial investment adviser service. Ask me anything, with no limitations. Schedule unlimited live Skype share-screen sessions. Show me your prospective deals and I’ll guide you through every step until you've closing. No commissions or extra fees regardless of how much you earn.

  • 25% Discount For Long Term Mentorship

    Since every graduate of this advance course will, by definition, be a far savvier agent and investor than most, I’ll have more fun coaching fellow pros. So any graduate will also receive a 25% discount on long-term mentorship. While this does sometimes lead to a long-term wholesaling relationship, this educational program is completely separate from my real estate investment company.

Who is this course for and how will it profit me?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then I’ve been in your shoes. So let me show you how to quit guessing and dominate any marketplace by coaching you in detail through the next-level strategies that the real estate “gurus” keep for themselves.

  • Are you a listing agent tired of the constant hustle to find quality leads and the complete lack of advanced training from your broker?
  • Are you a wholesaler looking to crack the two-sided market problem of securing properties at a discount while lining up cash buyers beforehand?
  • Are you a cash investor fed up with the limited inventory and heavy competition that keeps squeezing your margins?
  • Are you an auction buyer who’s sick of bidding blind and winning only the lowest profit homes?
  • Are you a note investor who’s beginning to feel like this is too risky and there has to be a safer way to invest in liens?

This isn’t a general overview of real estate flipping or renting. You can find that basic level stuff online. There’s no fluff in here and I won’t waste your time nor mine going over the boring background of “why you should invest in off-market real estate.”

Instead, this is a bootcamp to get you up and running at a pro-level as fast as possible. This is a complete technical solution, sales training, deal mentoring and long-term skill building program designed to solve the five biggest problems residential real estate investors and listing agents face:

Generating white hot and vetted leads before anyone else without a marketing budget.

There are a million real estate lead generator services out there, but the vast majority simply scrape the low-hanging fruit—public notices that everyone already has access to, then resell that information multiple times. And don’t get me started on the expensive and wasteful direct mailing campaigns. So instead of spamming out 10,000 letters and hope 1% of homeowners respond, how about filtering through 10,000 pre-foreclosures in a matter of minutes and only send letters to the top 1% with the most equity available? Skip the chaff and focus all your effort on the highest equity deals in the best neighborhoods with the most motivated sellers.

My method will show you how to find and contact judicial pre-foreclosures before the owner even knows they’re facing foreclosure. This gives you a 4-6 week head start on any other cash investor and makes sure you’re the first to reach out to the homeowner.

For non-judicial states where Notices of Default are publicly available for everyone at the same time, I’ll show you how to reproduce the expensive 3rd party title search services you’re used to hiring. Then you can pull even more information, in unlimited volume, and do so faster. Best of all, you’ll now see the cherry-picked ultra-high equity properties that 3rd party firms like to leave out from the records for their own profit.

Predicting costs, equity and a realistic market value with reliable and repeatable precision.

Obviously, the hands-down most important consideration with any investment is how much equity is in the deal. Followed closely by how fast you can wholesale, flip or rent the property out. Simple enough, but the devil frolics in the details. With our automated approach, you'll be able to find all the hidden debt attached to a property and estimate yours and the end user’s costs with extreme accuracy. Then determine a realistic selling price, regardless of the true market value. This allows you to screen every pre-foreclosure in your marketplace in moments while only investing serious time in the most profitable deals.

Unless your niche is rehabbing damaged properties, you don’t need to know a thing about estimating repairs and ARV. Just knowing how to spot “good” neighborhoods, how to get up to sellable standards in a hurry and price realistically will make sure you only spend time on deals with a minimum of 30% equity involved. Best of all, you’ll know exactly how much the home will sell for, your estimated costs and hence equity, plus how much you can offer before you even reach out to the homeowner or see the place in person.

Sealing the deal fast and at a discount.

Yes, I’ll teach you several next-level sales scripts for when you’re ready to make contact, but excellent salesmanship is table stakes in this game. What will give you an edge is being able to offer creative yet legitimate win-win deals and become a true angel investor. Maybe you’ve seen it already when you offer a distressed seller a reasonable cash offer, in “as is” condition and with fast closing… yet they just aren’t interested. Even if you come up in price a bit, they won’t budge. What’s wrong? What are you missing?

What a shame to be the first investor to reach them and then give up because they didn’t respond to your standard sales script. I’ll show you the simple ways to listen to homeowners’ concerns, and not just hear what they’re saying, while leveraging the property research data you’ve gathered to build instant rapport and trust. With a careful and well thought out initial approach, you can always find a way for both of you to profit. Even if a regular title transfer isn’t immediately in the cards.

Exiting any position fast and at a guaranteed profit, no matter what X-factors hit.

Maybe you’re already familiar with all the legal maneuvering to structure your deals with plenty of “bail out” exit clauses, but wouldn’t it be even better to make sure you still profit instead of just running for the hills? I’ll show you all the “second chance” lease options and foreclosure surplus positioning moves that the pros like to keep close to their chests as trade secrets.

And whether you plan on taking control of every property yourself or not, wouldn’t it be useful to have a vast network of local cash buyers on hand if you need to wholesale? We all stretch our capital to the limits at times, plus these data mining techniques will generate far more great deals than you can personally buy. So why not tweak your algorithms to find the active investors in your local marketplace so you can reach out to buyers of similar property types and offer a win-win deal when time is of the essence?

How to crush it with foreclosure auctions and note investments.

The same data mining we’re employing for pre-foreclosures works untold wonders in the auction and note world. So instead of picking out a couple of interesting auction leads and trying to research them fast, wouldn’t it be a game-changer to have the same comprehensive data set as with pre-foreclosures available for every item coming up for auction? Including the lender’s opening bid, before the auction starts.

And when you’re buying HOA or tax liens, wouldn’t it be great to guarantee you’re always positioned as a party with indispensable interest? To ensure no other party can wipe out your interest first and make sure you profit from the eventual auction surplus or gain secure title to the property at a steep discount?

What am I buying exactly?

A custom made collection of data mining programs for your marketplace that no one else has access to. Comprehensive training on how to use these tools and full, unlimited personal access to me to answer any questions. I'm not just going to give you the weapons you need and tell you what to do; I will go out side by side with you and mentor you through your first few equity hunts.


  • What support is included in this course?

    I'm including six full months of 1 on 1 coaching for every student in this course. That should be more than enough time for you to absorb everything in these lessons and put them all to use in pr If you have any questions while implementing this system or if I left out an important detail, just let me know. Ask me anything via the course chat feature or schedule a Skype share-screen session and we'll overcome any problem together. In addition, we provide 1 year of technical support for all custom software we create for you.

  • Is this a training course I can implement immediately?

    Absolutely. This isn't an exercise in real estate theory, but a hands-on instruction manual to set up your sales infrastructure as fast as possible. That's why I recommend students new to real estate investing read my guidebook (included here as an ebook or audiobook) first before diving into the operational nuts and bolts.

  • I operate in county or state X. Will this program still work for me?

    With 3,000+ counties across the US, each with their own real estate regulations, some specific steps might change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, the basic strategy outlined here will still give you an advantage nationwide. For example, if your state does not allow judicial foreclosures, then we'll scrape ancillary pre-foreclosure notices to build a profile of distressed homeowners/landlords. This guarantees that you not only get notified well ahead of anyone else, but actually have the time to convert and close in these states with accelerated foreclosure proceedings.

  • Do you charge commissions or other fees?

    Not at all. We offer optional program packages for scraping records in the auction, probate, HOA and tax note niches, as well as adding new counties to your scraping portfolio, but that is the limit of our "upsell" ability. Naturally, you will need to invest in your own skip tracing, CRM software and telephone/mailing provider subscriptions to get the most out of this sales platform, but those are basic business expenses for every real estate investor. While I occasionally purchase a property from someone I'm mentoring, that is a completely separate business and has nothing to do with this program.

  • What software programs are included?

    We include a webscraper and batch OCR to CSV script customized for the county you're investing in with each enrollment. These programs are optimized for pulling pre-foreclosure documents (Lis Pendens and Notices of Default) and auto-populating your Excel lead sheet. Some manual input is usually necessary in most counties, but this research tool is guaranteed to cut your research time by at least 90% or your money back. You can run this software on your own computer without requiring 3rd party hosting, with no limit to how many pull requests you can make. We also include 1 year of technical support for each program.

  • When do I get these programs?

    When you first sign up, we'll ask you for the name of your target county. Data mining is a complex, dynamic enterprise, which is why you'll have an advantage because so few investors take this step. Since each program needs to be custom-tailored and tested for each website, it usually takes our tech team 2 weeks to prepare a program packet for each student. When complete, they'll send you a download link, detailed user guide and their direct line for any questions or issues you may have. In the meantime, we have plenty of videos and sales checklists to train you on the best way to use your new tools. Note: In some rare cases, a particular county might have legal or technical issues that prevent our service from functioning with reliable accuracy. This hasn't happened yet, but it is a possibility. In this case, you will be notified and refunded the full $500 price of the programs.